Prosper (Prod. by Oxela)

by Tylasno





It felt like 12 months since I last fought the sun
It couldn't of been more than 13
Or maybe it was, I forget
Damn. whatever.

I'm still noticing characters in the plaster blots
Like mermaid girl with yellow dotted cameos
I saw the world drop 11 feet that afternoon
In Roosevelt park
Lil terry fox with how I'm running, my clothes spark
Like, Aaahhhh
Now I get it, get it
Run it back one time (alright)
Now I'm living, living
Gimmie back my dime
Pulled the sword from the stone and now it's
Braaa braa braa braaa
Taking forever for these pictures to load up
I'm just rolling backseat lens like I told ya
Been around this block like 300 times, yo hit my phone up
Ra say I'm destined for this shit, that gives me life
Ease my mind on feather pillows, uh
Come and watch me fly
Come and watch me fly

And these other rappers spit makes the crowd stiffin up
Like the bristles of my tooth brush
I switch them out every 3 months
I floss between with a sequence
Back, forth
Bad lil thing came to see huh?

Shorty's on my back, she just wants a good time
But I ain't living that , I'm just trying to get by
I don't even rap I'm just here to spread vibes


released August 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Tylasno Devils Lake, North Dakota

20 years, midwest.


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